My Journey (Degree Life)

Hi. Welcome back and I’m back to write something before i fall asleep. Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim. Alhamdulilah. Day 6 of Ramadhan. Syukur nikmat. As for today, I wanted to write something which is banyak mengajar erti kehidupan sebenar. When I was finished my studied at Politeknik Kuching, i always set in my mind that i want to further study in UNIMAS. Senang nya masa tu kan. You only can say it out.  And  now I began my storyyyy..

Last 2 years, I was received an offer email. What a surprised!!! I dapat UPU. I dapat masuk UNIMAS. Yeayyyy! I can get my degree. Feeling happy? Of course. Feeling sad? Of course. But for the sake of your education, you have to study. You want to help your parents.You want to buy whatever you want with own money when you get a better job in future. urghh! It’s not that easy for you go through all this.

Me and Ahmad ( special) sama2 masuk universiti. Kami sama2 apply untuk masuk unimas. Pada mulanya memng sukar nak terima hakikat sebb usia kmk bukan begitu muda jika dibandingkan dengan kawan2 yang lain. Truth, we are over the age when we want to further our study. Ahmad is 26 and me 25. You guys think it is still young? jika dibandingkan dengan budak2 yang lain yang baru sahaja meningkat umur 20 tahun? Jauh perbezaannya,bukan? Hahahahaha tapi kami cool sahaja. keranan bagi kami umur bukan penghalang untuk kmk terus untuk meneruskan niat kami untuk menyambung belajar dalam alam degree. Degree life is not easy guyss.. For those you still study right now you will feel me. on the first year it very though for me and him. We don’t have enough moneyto survive. Something we’ve starve before we don’t have money to buy something like other people buy. Bkan x nak minta duit orng tua. Yes I really want too. But then kita fikir lagi. Heyy.. you already 25 but why still meminta dengan family. you don’t have to minta2 dengan parents at this age. but you should give your parents then. urghhh! that’s what people thinking. Im tired! Rasa macam nak berehenti belajar. I give up I can’t perform well in exam cz i felt stress. I totally stress with my own life. What can I do? There’s nothing I can do. I really want to quit from this university life. But then If i quit??? What else can i do for my family then? I have to support myself. push myself. at the end. Yes. Here I’m. to achieve what you want is not that easy. I am a second year student. Will no longer second year and become a third year soon. Wow. I still can’t believe within 1 year i will complete my studies. Alhamdulilah . I still in Unimas. I admit that, I still have a money poblem. But i try to control myself. I know my limits. I know i am not orang senng. I have to buy something which is important . I have to  scarifies all that for the sake of my studies. I believe bila dah kerja ada duit sendiri of course you boleh beli whatever you want. with no limits. In shaa Allah.. I will make my parents pround of me!!! its 1234 guysss… its time for to sleep. I have to wake up For Sahur at 4 am later. Feel free drop your comment down below. Goodnight and sweetdream dearest blogger. Love and hugs. Zie

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