Semester Break!Loooonnngg sem break

Hi everyone. It’s been a while not updating my blog and here I am will share something for you to read. Interested? Hahaha.I am still new in writing world. But It’s okay. I am still learning and hopefully will improve more in my writing skills. So for my very bad English. Hope for those who read this will correct me and teach on my grammar. By the way, my semester break was not so fun. But I enjoyed it. I just spending my time with my lil niece who always me laugh everyday. She soooooo cute. Perhaps, will share her photo in my blog here. Cz everything in my phone. But yeah.. sometimes I went out for relief my mind. Sometimes I really wanna work at somewhere to earn more money to pay my fees.  But it’s okay. Just chill. Nothing special. I hope new things will happen once dah masuk UNIMAS. I have 2 more semester to go. Pray for me yeah. Hope will grad on time. Okay that is only things I wanna say. Not so special on my long semester break. No picture to upload also. Hehhehe.


Till my next blog guys.


was taken by Ahmad. 🙂


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